Argentine Tango Workshops with Felipe and Rosa

Felipe and Rosa embody a very fluid style of dancing, moving seamlessly through all ranges of the embrace. Their dance is at once dynamic, smooth and extremely musical. As teachers, their dedication, enthusiasm, and sheer knowledge of the dance always come across with great clarity. To watch them and to work with them is extremely inspiring and instills a real joy and respect for the dance. Felipe and Rosa have an extensive background in other forms of movement and have been influenced by the most respected tango masters and dancers. They are prominent tango teachers in the San Francisco/Bay Area and share their passion for tango all over North America and Europe.

MIT Argentine Tango Club, with the support of GSC is proud to offer two days of workshops with Felipe and Rosa. Do not miss the opportunity to take workshops with these wonderful teachers and dancers. We hope to see you at the workshops.

Registration is now closed. At-the-door prices are $20 / $15 / $12 / (General / student / MIT Student) per workshop. We hope to see you there.

Schedule and Description


October 4th

Location: MIT Kresge Auditorium, Rehearsal Room A


October 5th

Location: MIT Kresge Auditorium, Rehearsal Room A


Beginner: Turns

Learn the dynamics and mechanics of cool turns.


Beginner: Small spaces embrace technique

Next time you are stuck in a 1'x1' square know what fun stuff to do.


Intermediate: Changes of Direction

More advanced turning steps for more advanced dancers.


Intermediate: Dancing lively in small spaces

More advanced small spaces techniques for packed milongas, festivals, and Buenos Aires. Builds on the previous class.


Advanced: Ganchos

Lead and follow ganchos effortlessly: no more stop-and-go ganchos.


Advanced: Musicality

Learn to work with different parts of the music: there is more to tango music than just stepping on the beat.


The workshops will take plase at MIT Kresge Auditorium (Building W16) Rehearsal Studio A (MIT Maps, google maps). We recommend at least looking at MIT maps because it shows you the exact location of the building. Once you are at Kresge Auditorium, to get to Rehearsal Studio A:

  • Go inside the front entrance into the main lobby
  • Go down the stairs near the center of the lobby (there is only one set of stairs)
  • Go right or left at the bottom of the first flight of stairs, and then go down another, smaller set of stairs
  • Walk to the end of the foyer, turn right and go through one set of double doors
  • Rehearsal Studio A is the first door on your right once you've gone through the double doors
   Felipe and Rosa

“When both partners are allowing themselves to be moved by the music, the movement no longer comes consciously but from within.”

from “Musicality and Connection:
An Interview with Felipe and Rosa

Event Sponsored by MIT Graduate Student Council

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